Kobry ElGalaa School


Dear Parents, Faculty members, and Administration Staff,

Please allow me to express wholehearted congratulations to your good selves as well as on the stunning landmark made in our school. It aims to create a knowledgeable generation capable of improving themselves and their country as well.
Coping with the Hi Technology of the age, our beloved school has begun to establish its own website. This will both serve the educational process & students’ quality and will also create a communication channel with the local community.

To fill you in about myself and my background experience as an educator, I started my career and path as a professor at the faculty of engineering at Ein Shams University and then there was my true beginning in the field of education. I started off by working in managerial inspection positions over at many different schools in many areas, especially the Dokki governorate. At that point my main tasks were carried out with many big icons in the field of education, like Mansour Hussein, Ahmed Abdel Akher, Mostafa Kamal Helmy and much more.

My experiences developed and I moved up the rank until I reached top assistance for the ministry of education.

The school has undergone through several development phases, including the application of the quality assurance certificate along the years till it has become ready to be accredited by the related authority.

The school administration, hence, promises to proceed ahead in saving no feasible effort and implement its strategic plans to generate and enhance renaissance of both students and school.

Finally, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to each and every indispensible hand who endured hardships in order to reach our goals and to inform all our readers, viewers and followers that its an honor to have passed on my experience and knowledge here today to both my daughters in the field of private educational management and leadership; Eng. Dr. Nivine Mohamed Abdel Moneim Metawy and Mrs. Sherine Mohamed Abdel Moneim Metawy.

Good luck and all the best to all…
Mohamed Abdel Moneim Metawy